On this day in 1988, Metallica released its fourth studio album …And Justice For All.

The single “One,” video shown above, earned the metal band its first Grammy award in 1990 and the first to win in the newly created Best Metal Performance category. Metallica won in that category the first three years in a row, and, in fact, the group holds the record for the most wins, with a total of six.

On making the album, drummer Lars Ulrich said:

“We took the Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets concept as far as we could take it. There was no place else to go with the progressive, nutty, sideways side of Metallica, and I’m so proud of the fact that, in some way, […And Justice For All] is kind of the epitome of that progressive side of us up through the ’80s.”

If you love the songs but not the album’s production quality, you’re not alone. The recording and mixing on …And Justice For All have been widely criticized, particularly for nearly erasing new bassist Jason Newsted’s volume.

But, that aside, enjoy the raw energy, the existential despair, and the surrealist sounds of the following songs.

“Harvester Of Sorrow”
“The Shortest Straw”

“Eye Of The Beholder”

“…And Justice For All”
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