On this day in 1966, Shawn Drover, the longest-serving drummer for thrash metal band Megadeth, was born in Montreal, Canada. Prior to Megadeth, Drover founded the power metal band Eidolon with his brother, Glen Drover.

Drover joined Megadeth in 2004, replacing Nick Menza, and left in 2014 to pursue his own musical interests. Guitarist Chris Broderick also left at that time, and together the two formed the metal supergroup Act Of Defiance, which is still active.

Celebrate the leftie drummer and his raging onslaughts with the following videos, including the above 2005 live version of “A Tout Le Monde.”

“Sleepwalker” (Live in San Diego)

This song comes from the 2007 album Untitled Abominations.

“Rust In Peace”

From the 2010 live album celebrating the original 1990 release of the album Rust In Peace.

“Head Crusher”

From Megadeth’s 2009 album Endgame.


From Act Of Defiance’s 2017 album Old Scars, New Wounds.

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