On June 9, 1986, English prog rock band Genesis released its 13th studio album Invisible Touch in the UK. It was the band’s most commercially successful release, with the title track giving them their only #1 hit (though they would have four other top-five singles in the US from this album).

The band consisted of Phil Collins (drums, lead vocals, percussion), Tony Banks (keyboards, synth bass), and Mike Rutherford (guitars, bass guitar). Peter Gabriel was the original lead singer for Genesis, but was not in the band at this point.

The song “Invisible Touch” (check out the video above) was Collins’ favorite song on the album, which he said “encapsulated the whole record and pushed Genesis into a bit of an R&B area, a little like a Prince thing.” He also compared his drumming on the track to Sheila E. (Collins is a fan of both Prince and Sheila E.)

Enjoy the proggy, poppy, ’80s glory of Invisible Touch‘s top five singles below.

“In Too Deep”

“Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”

“Land Of Confusion”

“Throwing It All Away”
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