Legendary drummer Keith Moon played his final tour date with The Who on October 21, 1976, at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada. Though Moon would perform with The Who a few other times for use in the documentary, The Kids Are Alright, the Maple Leaf Gardens concert was his last official Who performance. On September 7, 1978, Moon died from an accidental overdose of a drug meant to help him curb his alcoholism.

The Who have toured with a few different drummers over the past four decades, including Kenney Jones and Zak Starkey, though Moon’s sound was wholly original and in many senses impossible to follow. (Just ask Jones, who, in a Drum interview, said he was tired of talking about Moon.)

As The Who’s website notes, Moon turned “his massive kit into a lead instrument, and his up-front technique was crucial in establishing The Who’s passionate style. His playing ushered in an era wherein the drums became far more than simply a means of keeping the beat, and much of his recorded legacy from 1965-73 has a timeless quality that has never been repeated, let alone bettered.”

This Sunday, enjoy some of Moon’s clips, as well as audio from his final tour date at Maple Leaf Gardens above.

“I Can’t Explain”
“Happy Jack”

“Who Are You”

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