For this warmup I’d like to share some paradiddle transitions and accent exercises in a 7/8 meter. Practicing these exercises will help you to expand your sense of time and your feel for this meter, allowing you to achieve a greater flexibility within 7/8.

In general, this warmup is written to move between the basic exercise (Ex. 1) and Ex. 2-5. You can play each exercise for two bars before switching forward or backward.

practice pad lesson Drum Video Lesson- subdivision parradiddle anika nilles ex1_v2

To make yourself more comfortable with Ex. 2-5, start by playing each of them separately and slowly, and play each of them in a loop at first. Setting a metronome to keep time in eighth-notes can be very helpful in memorizing and internalizing the feel for the stickings and accents.

The subdivision in each exercise is notated as sixteenth-note triplets. Each fifth stroke in the 7/8 meter is played as an accent, while the sticking changes with each exercise.

In Ex. 2, each accented note is followed by double strokes. There are paradiddles within the groups of five notes. The sticking in Ex. 3 is a double paradiddle with accents occurring every five notes, with a turnaround on beat 7. Play Ex. 4 with a paradiddle-diddle sticking. Finally, Ex. 5 is made up of ten sets of double strokes that move through the accents on every fifth note, with a single-stroke on the ah of beat 7, which leads to a paradiddle sticking through the repeat.

practice pad lesson Drum Video Lesson- subdivision parradiddle anika nilles ex2-5

ANIKA NILLES developed her chops through lessons with Claus Hessler, Udo Dahmen, and Jost Nickel, and further refined her musicianship while earning a degree in Pop
Music Design from the University of Popular Music and Music Business in Mannheim, Germany.

Video Lesson: Septuplet Warmups, By Anika Nilles