What do Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Steve Gadd have in common? They all got their start on The Mickey Mouse Club. Check out this clip featuring a young Gadd showcasing some serious chops, then stepping out in front of the kit for a tapdance routine while drummer Cubby O’Brien, who went on to have a distinguished musical career of his own, backs him on the drums.

The episode aired on January 4, 1957. Gadd posted about it to his Facebook page in July 2017:

“I remember Jimmy Dodge came through Rochester he had a talent show. People performed and the winners won a trip to California for two weeks, went to Disneyland and performed on The Mickey Mouse Club. That was an exciting thing for me… The Mickey Mouse Club was very popular for kids my age back then. That was an exciting moment. I met Walt Disney and the Mousketeers and went to Disneyland.”