If you decided that changing the wall structure and all the pain with it isn’t for you, but you still want to block some noise, you are in the right place. 

Soundproof curtains are an easy-to-implement solution, can be done by everyone, and they are cheaper than soundproofing your walls. 

However, do soundproof curtains work, and if so, how effective are they? The answer to this question isn’t that simple, but I can share my personal experience. In my experience, soundproof curtains work, and not just that, but they are very effective when it comes to soundproofing. 

Now, why would someone implement these curtains over regular wall soundproofing? Simply because it is cheaper, easier to implement, and takes less time. Soundproof curtains recently became famous because they are a relatively new industry innovation. You can style these curtains however you want, so they fit your home nicely.

On top of everything, Imaging placing these stylish soundproof curtains in your home office where you need silence and quietness the most. All these curtains come with extra insulating layers that keep the heat and cold from outside. 

They can be placed in any room and don’t require any significant changes or forms of destruction to be installed. If you are searching for something elegant, simple, practical, and that can block sound, then soundproof curtains are just for you. 

Do soundproofing curtains really work?

Now, we have already concluded that soundproof curtains work. However, now is the time to see how much sound they can block and if that is enough. 

Generally, soundproof curtains are a very effective way of deadening the sound. However, they are not the best choice if you aim to block the sound entirely. 

Translating that into one sentence, they are good sound reducers but are not the best sound blockers. 

Soundproof curtains are very effective in reducing the echo in your room but are not the best in reducing the decibel level of sounds entering your room. Suppose you have many exterior sounds like those from vehicles coming from outside. 

In that case, soundproof curtains are not better than the regular soundproof window but will reduce the sound significantly. That means that curtains alone may not be enough, but that is a matter of your subjective opinion too. 

Significantly reducing the sound may be enough for you. In addition, curtains can be customized and designed stylishly to fit your home nicely and be a nice decoration.

What are the best curtains to block or reduce out noise?

Here are some of my personal best picks when it comes to soundproof curtains.

Moondream Noise Reducing Curtains

Moondream Noise Reducing Curtains are specially designed with three layers that specialize in reducing sounds. It is considered to be a higher-end product. These curtains are fully polyester and designed with different layers on the outside. 

Moondream curtains use new technology that enforces polyester and small amounts of aluminum with cotton to reduce the most significant amount of sound. 

In laboratory settings, curtains have proved to be an excellent choice for someone who wants to reduce and not block the sound entirely. 

Imagine talking on a video call with someone you need to hear because it is essential for your job, and you can’t hear anything he says. 

It would be best if you had some curtains like Moondream’s to reduce that sound maximally so you can have a normal conversation.

Amherst Velvet Noise Reducing Curtain

Amherst Velvet Noise Reducing Curtains are made from polyester velvet that dampens the sound. In addition, they cost as little as 35 dollars. They are even better than most curtains, offer luxury, and provide excellent soundproof features. 

Sun Zero, one of the elements, focuses on preventing the room’s light from entering, and it is the best choice for those who like sleeping over the day. 

Natural light would be disturbing, so placing something like Amherst Curtains is the best choice to block light from coming in, especially when you want to nap. 

They come in various colors and are an excellent way to make your interior more stylish. At the same time, these curtains will reduce sound for a ridiculous price of 35 dollars and are an excellent way to improve the interior look of one of your rooms. 

Curtains are built from thick, luxurious construction and have many bright design-focused colors. In addition, they are effortless to clean. 

No. 918 Billie Noise Reducer

No. 918 Billie Noise Reducer is a mix of a curtain and a room divider that is one of the best products for maximally reducing the incoming sound. Imagine that you need to divide your existing room into two; the other room would be for your kids. 

Imagine those sleepless nights, and then think about how a simple soundproof divider might be the most accessible and affordable solution for your problems. The divider is up to 15 feet, has an effortless and straightforward design, and easily fits into any room setting. 

In addition, it is very easily removable. Maybe the only downside of this curtain is the price of around 85 dollars. Some customers report you can still hear through these dividers. But that is only a tiny minority. 

The primary benefit of these dividers is that they fit onto many types of rods that are best for dividing the room. Also, not all curtains are available in large panels.

Pro Space Noise Reducer Curtains

Pro space noise reducer curtains are available in multiple sizes and colors, like grey, navy, and black. 

They are made from simple grommet construction that fits many curtain rods. You can easily machine wash and dry it, and they cost no more than 15 dollars. 

They are not luxury products, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do the maximal job of reducing the incoming sound. 

These curtains also deliver thermal protection, light barriers, and noise cancellation. 

They are effortless to clean, and the installing and removing process can’t be more straightforward.

Peace & Quiet Noise-Reducing Curtain from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Curtains are known for creating unique yet minimalistic looks that seem very modern and are an excellent decoration for your room of choice. 

They come in multiple-size panel options. However, they are not as affordable and can’t be found for under 100 dollars. 

They are excellent for reducing incoming sounds and are the closest to blocking the sound entirely. All of Pottery Barn’s curtains are produced in a Fair Trade Certified factory. 

Curtains also come with three options for installation, curtain hooks, round rings, and clip rings. The biggest downside is the price. 

How can I soundproof a room cheaply?

The cheapest way to soundproof the room is to buy soundproof curtains. They are more affordable than sound-blocking windows and wall sound isolation. In addition, they are easier to implement and can be used as decoration to add a new design to the room of your desire. 

Also, soundproof curtains are easily installed and removed and can fit in any room of your choice. You will only need to look for how much sound curtains can reduce since not all of them are made equally. 

Generally, more expensive ones can reduce the maximal amount of sound, whereas the cheaper ones only reduce it partially. Some curtains are also room dividers, so you can use those to split your room in two. 

Those dividers especially come in handy if you are a parent and want to create a separate room for your kids, but you don’t want to make them too far away from you. 

Soundproof curtains can be placed in any of your rooms, including the bedroom, living room, or even your home office. Most of them will reduce external sounds. 

If you have clients to talk to and need your room to be quiet, these curtains are probably the best choice, price and utility-wise.

Are soundproof curtains the same as blackout curtains?

Shortly, no. Most soundproof curtains block the sound completely, whereas some blackout curtains can’t. 

In addition, most soundproof curtains can block light, but not all blackout curtains can block noise. 

If you aim to make your room with as little noise as possible, then buying soundproof curtains is a better choice. The blackout curtains are the best if you like to nap in your room during the time of the day when there is much light. 

These curtains will block the light completely, but not the sound too. Some soundproof curtains can both block the incoming light and sound. 

However, most blackout curtains can only block the light, not the incoming noise. More often than not, they are the same price-wise, and there isn’t a big difference in the quality either. 


Soundproof curtains are an excellent way to reduce your room’s incoming or external sounds. In addition, they are a fantastic way to change or improve the design of your room since they are customizable and come in multiple colors and sizes. 

However, not all of these curtains can clock the sound entirely. More precisely, they are excellent at reducing the sound but not blocking it entirely. Generally, more expensive ones are of superb quality and can reduce the external sounds more than cheaper ones.