Simmons Introduces SD350 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit

Simmons is rolling out its new SD350 5-Piece Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit ($399.99 street) as a choice for rehearsals, practice, and recording. The kit includes an 8″ snare, three 8″ toms, a 10″ hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals. It also has a hi-hat controller pedal and a kick pedal with integrated kick trigger.

Tension-able mesh heads for the snare and toms offer real drum feel and capture nuanced techniques. Plus, Simmons’ quick-assembly design enables fast and easy setup and tear-down.


The SD350 sound module includes 170 custom sounds, 10 preset drum kits, a user preset, 10 songs, and a user song. The module has stereo line-level outputs and a headphone output. Its class-compliant USB port provides a MIDI connection to a Mac or Windows PC.

Simmons’ SD350 further offers simple navigation and a preset multi-pin connector for the pads and pedals on the module’s rear panel.

The Simmons Drums Basic app is downloadable from the Apple app store; it provides access to custom sound editing and teaching tools via an iOS device.

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