Simmons has introduced its first iOS app: Simmons Drums Basic, a drum editor and teaching tool designed specifically to support and extend the capabilities of Simmons’ SD100, SD300, SD500 electronic drum kits.

With the Simmons Drums Basic app and the Apple USB Camera Connector Kit, users can remotely edit and save both drum kits and sounds with an iOS device, via a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface.

In addition to editing, the app offers a Teaching Tool to help users improve their playing. Drummers can play the sounds of their Simmons drum kit along with real audio tracks in a game-like environment that helps improve playing skills and meter.

The Simmons Drums Basic app also features a Play Along function that enables users to choose songs from an iOS music library and manipulate playback speed, allowing players to slow down a tune to learn a groove or perfect a lick, or even speed it up for an extra challenge.

The Simmons Drums Basic app is compatible with the most current Simmons Drums firmware.

More information and firmware updates can be found at

The Simmons Drums Basic App is available for download from iTunes at the App Store.