It’s official! The Sakae name is back in business. The Japanese firm, once responsible for crafting Yamaha’s high-end acoustic drums, split off to produce and distribute its own products back in 2009. Sakae’s top-notch craftsmanship and thoughtful designs helped the company make a big splash early with a catalog that featured high-quality instruments for those interested in both old sounds and new. Unfortunately, Sakae had to declare bankruptcy in early 2018, putting the near-century-old brand’s future in jeopardy.

Lucky for us, however, US distribution partner, KORG, acquired Sakae this year, and is already working on reestablishing its name. Primary operations will resume in Osaka under the name Sakae Osaka Heritage.

KORG teased a few new products at the 2019 NAMM show, and now they’re finally hitting the market. First up, the new CAJ-100 and CAJ-100W multi-type cajons offer four playable surfaces, and come equipped with coated faces for better articulation under brushes. Thin plywood frames deliver increased resonance, while adjustable snare wire-type resonator cords allow players to dial in different snare response tensions on both the top and bottom ends of the front face.


Additionally, the CAJ-100W is constructed with a new arc-shaped resonating plate inspired by the body of a djembe. The arc is built with drum shell technology to generate as much resonance as possible.

For drum set players, the new Axelandor single and double-bass drum pedals offer ultra-adjustable, high-performance frames designed for maximum performance and customization. Sakae opted for lightweight yet durable aluminum footboards, along with three-position, multi-axel cams that can switch between concentric and two different eccentric settings allowing drummers to dial-in their ideal action. Finally, a detachable heel plate makes it even easier to find your perfect fit.