Sabian’s well known AAX line of cymbals is getting an update, and the company’s logo is getting a facelift.

The AAX line will see additions of Thin, Medium, and Heavy models, and will feature more and larger hammering. The result is a wider tonal range with a bit more darkness and complexity.

“AAX was ground-breaking when we introduced it in 1993,” says Sabian’s director of R&D Mark Love, “but 25 years later, the ways drummers play, record, and listen to music have evolved dramatically. In order to remain relevant as a modern-sounding cymbal, we knew AAX must also evolve.”

At the company’s press conference right at the start of NAMM’s first day Thursday, Jan. 24, Love and Company President Andy Zildjian announced the changes in front of Sabian’s gargantuan cymbal wall.

In addition to new models, some models from the AAX line have been discontinued. However, much loved AAX designs like X-Plosion, Freq, Aero and Omni remain the same.

Sabian's new AAX line debuted at NAMM 2019

Sabian’s new AAX line debuted at NAMM 2019