Roland announces the availability of the SPD-SX Special Edition (price TBA), an enhanced version of the company’s SPD-SX Sampling Pad.

The SPD-SX Special Edition offers the functionality of the standard SPD-SX while adding greatly expanded onboard storage capacity. Users can store up to 16 GB of samples on board, eliminating the need to carry external memory. The SPD-SX Special Edition also includes a license for Ableton Live Lite music production software.


Roland’s SPD-SX Sampling Pad can be used to trigger custom samples, loops, and complete backing tracks. It also supports real-time sample capture via its exclusive Multi-Pad Sampling function. With its expanded memory, the SPD-SX Special Edition promises to support up to 50 hours of mono sample storage, allowing users to load WAV samples into the instrument.

Sounds played in Ableton Live Lite can be sampled in the SPD-SX Special Edition, and sounds played on the pads can be recorded into the software. The SPD-SX Special Edition can also be used as a MIDI pad controller for recording MIDI tracks in Ableton Live Lite or a popular DAW. Connecting the sampling pad to a computer requires only a USB cable.

The SPD-SX Special Edition also comes with Roland’s SPD-SX Wave Manager software. Via a friendly interface, users can import audio files directly from the computer to the instrument, assign samples to pads, and easily organize a library with thousands of samples.

The SPD-SX Special Edition comes in a Sparkling Red finish.

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