Roland Demonstrates New Trigger/Mic Combo, Module, and Noise Eaters at Winter NAMM 2018

Roland’s new TM-6 Pro module offers 6 dual inputs (or 12 singles) with six direct analog outputs and full DAW compatibility. Over 500 sounds come preloaded, including Roland’s V-Drum sounds and many new ones. They’re also making their V-Drum-style mesh heads to fit acoustic drums and the Noise Eater add-ons have been expanded to a new kick drum pedal to allow for late-night apartment jam sessions.


Finally, the RT MIC-S is a trigger and mic in one. There are two dedicated 1/4” outputs, one for the mic and one for the trigger/mic. You can load in up to eight sounds via USB, which are then switchable with the push of a big, lighted button on the unit. A sensitive condenser mic captures the acoustic sound of your drums as well. The best part? You can mix the outputs between the two on the fly right from the unit, which clamps on to the side of any drum.