Eric Carr, (born Paul Charles Caravello) drummer of the hard-rock band Kiss, was born on July 12, 1950. He died in 1991 from a battle with cancer, and would have been 68 this year.

Carr joined Kiss in 1980, after founding member Peter Criss left the group. Carr was one of the first hard-hitting drummers to adopt a highly reverberated and low-tuned snare drum sound.

Though Carr joined the band after its heyday in the 1970s, his influence and contributions to the band were significant. He recorded eight albums with Kiss, starting with The Elders in 1981 and ending with Hot In The Shade in 1989.

In his memoir Face the Music, Paul Stanley described his first impression of Carr. “He seemed like a good soul. Some of the other people who auditioned had acted like rock stars, thinking they would gain points for that. Eric was sweet.”

Watch a few of his epic solos and memorable songs here. Or as Kiss wrote on Twitter today of Carr, “Make sure to take a moment to remember this incredible person & drummer!”

Above is “War Machine” from a 1988 show in Japan.


Carr’s drum solo on “Young And Wasted” from 1984’s Animalize tour

“Black Diamond” 1990

“Lick It Up” 1984

Also from the Animalize tour. Dig that leopard print ensemble.

From Kiss’ Hot In The Shade tour, Detroit, 1990


The Fox may be gone, but not forgotten.