Photo: Andreas Mühe

DW Drums in Oxnard, California, announces that drummer Christoph Schneider of two-time, Grammy Award-nominated German heavy metal band Rammstein has signed as an endorser of the company’s drums, hardware, and pedals. Rammstein is scheduled to begin recording its seventh studio album in early 2018.

A native of East Berlin, Schneider attended music school and began studying trumpet at an early age. However, he was determined to learn to play the drums despite his parent’s objections and resorted to building a “drum set” out of cans, buckets, and other household items before eventually buying his first-ever kit at the age of 14.

Schneider’s early band projects included Die Firma and hardcore punk outfit Feeling B, which included Rammstein members Flake Lorenz (keyboards) and Paul Landers (guitars).

“Growing up in East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall, I always dreamed of owning a DW drum set one day,” Schneider says. “After the wall fell in 1989, one of the first things I did was walk over to the former West Berlin and I bought a set of DW drums, which were very costly at the time by East Berlin standards. Those were the drums I used to record our first Rammstein record. Signing with DW now as an artist feels like coming full circle in my musical career.”

Founded in 1994, Rammstein is known for its live shows featuring elaborate pyrotechnics and theatrical stage elements. Rammstein reportedly has sold in excess of 20 million albums and received worldwide acclaim for their highly conceptual videos and live concert films.

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