Queen is one of the most famous rock bands ever. They were formed in 1971 and have been rocking out for over 50 years now. Truly an epic band with legendary musicians behind each instrument.

As a drummer, Taylor was recognized early in his career for his unique sound. He performed on Queen’s albums from the beginning and often composed songs by himself or co-wrote them with Brian May (Guitar). He contributed three UK hits: “These Are The Days Of Our Lives,” Innuendo, and Under Pressure, along with many more Queen’s hits.

Taylor is a musical prodigy who can play any instrument he sets his mind to. His falsetto vocal range has made him famous beside his drumming skills.

This article will cover frequently asked questions about Queen drummer, so let’s start with the most important one for the drumming community.

Is Roger Taylor a good drummer?

Yes, Taylor is a very good drummer. He used to be influenced by idols such as Ringo Starr and John Bonham but started developing his unique style and drumming techniques during Queen era.

You can easily recognize his playing by hi-hat accents he plays every time along with snare. He tends to open his hi hat a little bit when he hits a snare drum.

So is it recognizable? YES. Is he a drum virtuoso? NO. Taylor is a very good rock drummer and musician overall since he writes songs and sings songs, but his skill level in terms of drums is somewhere in the middle.

What drums does Roger Taylor use?

When it comes to drumming, Roger is a die-hard Ludwig man.

He once revealed that he had an amazing Gretsch kit in their studio in Switzerland.

He had exclusive Ludwig’s endorsement, but after many years of playing Ludwig, he switched to DW. A lot of elements on his kit are custom built and can’t be found in stores.

The element that can be bought is his signature snare drum DW Roger Taylor “Queen Crest” ICON Snare Drum.

When did Roger Taylor start playing drums?

From the very beginning, he knew that music was in his blood. He began drumming at around 12 years old and only kept practicing because it made him feel like no other activity could do so much for him.

Is Roger Taylor a self-taught drummer?

Roger taught himself how to play by playing with Beatles records and old blues albums until.

Roger’s story about his journey to becoming a musician should inspire any aspiring musician. When you’re all on your own, it can be hard work – even for someone with Roger’s experience!

Still, he persevered and not only mastered drums but few other instruments along with working on his vocals.

Why did Roger Taylor put beer on his drums?

Beer and drumming go hand in hand. Roger Taylor was not an exception to that rule, as he would pour beer onto his floor tom whenever it required extra emphasis during a solo spot when playing with Queen.

Is Roger Taylor a dentist?

No, Roger Taylor is not a dentist. He has never been one, but he did study dentistry. His profession before Queen’s success was a drummer in many different bands like The Reaction and Smile. There were rumors about his second job as a dentist, but this was soon revealed as nothing more than another rumor.

What did Roger Taylor do after Queen?

Taylor has had a very successful solo career, releasing six albums. After Queen’s 1986 Magic Tour ended, he started working with other musicians in what would be known as The Crossband, which released three full-length records during their 6-year tenure together! In 1993 they called it quits after performing one final gig at the Gosport Festival.

Roger Taylor’s favorite drummers:

  • John Bonham

Taylor said that he had always admired drummers, but without a doubt, one of his favorites was John Bonham. He remembered the first time he saw Led Zeppelin play live and how thunderous their sound seemed on stage: “Another drummer that blew me away, he sounds like a thunder.”

  • Mitch Mitchell

Taylor was pointed out just how talented Mitch is: “I was blown away by his playing; everything about it seemed perfect and precise. He played for the song each time – you could tell that every note mattered in what came next; His fills were fantastic, too, without being flashy or overdoing things. It’s kind of hard seeing his hands when they are moving so fast!”

  • Keith Moon

Here is what Taylor said about Moon:

Keith Moon was an influence on me. He played the drums like there’s no tomorrow, and his sound is unmatched in rock history.

I first noticed Keith moon when he appeared on-stage with The Who at Woodstock. His drumming style had such raw power that day – you couls feel it during each hit of those drums.

What Queen songs did Roger Taylor write?

Roger Taylor is a musical genius and a key member of Queen. He has written many hits for them, including:

  • Radio Ga Ga
  • A Kind Of Magic 
  • Innuendo
  • These Are the Days of Our Lives
  • Heaven for Everyone

Roger Taylor net worth

Roger Taylor has a net worth of $200 million. Although he is best known for being the drummer for Queen, Roger also achieved considerable success as a songwriter and singer with his band’s music featured on albums released by Mercury Productions Ltd.

Who are Roger Taylor’s wives?

Roger has been married to Sarina Potgieter since 2010, having previously been wed to Dominique Beyrand from 1977 until about 1988.

What did Roger Taylor think of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?

He struggled hard against criticism. He said, “Bad reviews usually mean that it’s going to be successful.”

The movie landed a Metacritic score of 49 of 100, so Taylor reacted: “I think people know a lot more than film critics, and word of mouth via social media is so much more powerful than a review from a guy who probably watches 40 movies a week, and has probably lost the essence of the joy of a movie.”