Protection Racket Launches Revamped Nutcases

Protection Racket announces that is has revamped and updated its line of Nutcases as beginner- to intermediate-level bags, which are packaged in sets of five. There are eleven sets of Nutcases, which are designed for the most popular kit configurations. Retail prices range from $231.99 for the fusion set to $299.99 for the rock set.

The new Nutcases include features that were developed for the Protection Racket Proline range, making them tough and lightweight. Made of strong, abrasive resistant outer fabric, which is said not to stretch or shrink, Nutcases are lined with a dense, light and highly impact resistant 20mm foam core. The interior is finished with a 210-denier nylon interior to resist rips and tears. The high-quality zippers used in the Nutcases all have brushed steel pulls and the ergo dynamic handles are comfortable and hardwearing. All the new cases sport the distinctive PR man silicone badge. Plus, all the snare and tom Nutcases are egg shaped to allow for the snare mechanism and toms fitted with suspended/isolation mounting systems.

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