Promark by D’Addario is thrilled to announce the launch of two boutique stick bags for working drum set players – the Sliver Essentials Stick Bag and the Transport Deluxe Stick Bag. These stick bags showcase a fresh approach from Promark, creating two new products with form and function that stand apart from stick bags available in the market today.

Made from durable, weather-proof ballistic nylon and synthetic leather, these bags are built to withstand the wears of the road as well as on and off stage for drummers to travel in style. Both bags feature metal hanging hooks which affix to the tension rods of a drum, keeping them secure while playing.


The Sliver Essentials Stick Bag (above) is part of a new, high-quality line of stick bags designed with the gigging musician in mind. With enough room to fit four pairs of drumsticks comfortably, this bag allows drummers to travel with the essential tools for any gig without extra trips back to the car.

The Transport Deluxe Stick Bag (below) features magnetic secured, leather carrying handles, a large front-zippered pocket, a zippered interior pocket, metal hanging tom-mounts, a leather business card slot, a metal key leash, a pencil slot, a deluxe leather pocket for your wallet and cell phone, and ample drumstick storage. With a specific spot for all of your personal belongings, there’s no need to worry about misplacing things during your gigs.
Whether it’s the slim, on-the-go size of the Sliver for essentials or the spacious design of the Transport Deluxe, these stick bags will get the job done in style and are a must-have for any serious working drummer.

The Sliver Essentials Stick Bag retails for $32.99 while the Transport Deluxe Stick Bag retails for $62.99. Both will be available on January 16.