Promark Launches New Kimberly Thompson Signature Stick

Promark by D’Addario and Kimberly Thompson have announced the launch of the drummer’s official signature stick to celebrate her recent welcoming to the Promark family. Having famously played with multi Grammy Award winning recording and performing artist Beyoncé, Kimberly Thompson teamed up with Promark to make a 7A drum stick with finesse, measuring .535” in diameter and featuring an extra half-inch in length for a little extra reach and ease of play.

“This stick achieves the perfect balance and weight which accommodates a variety of musical applications and players performance styles,” Thompson says. “… The long taper and small round tip allow for a responsive stick with clear articulation on drums and cymbals.”

The Kimberly Thompson Signature Stick has an elegant gold flake painted finish and glitters under the stage light, making this a drumstick one of extreme playability and style – retails for $18.90 and available January 15.

Kimberly Thompson Signature Stick (TXKTW)
Length: 16.5”
Diameter: .535” (7A)
Tip: Wood
Retail: $18.90