Paiste’s Sound Development Team Looks To The Future

Paiste announces that from 2017 onward, its Sound Development creative team comprises drummers Kaspar Rast and Arno Troxler, along with Erik Paiste, the current CEO of the Paiste companies, and Stefan Odermatt, a drummer who originally joined Paiste as a production craftsman and has interfaced with Sound Development for more than a decade, executing the specifications for cymbal prototypes together with senior craftsmen. Odermatt’s primary function is as Supervisor of Production Quality.

Sound Development serves as Paiste’s research and development team, reviewing and interpreting worldwide feedback and input from drummers and percussionists regarding their sound preferences. Their ideas are translated into production parameters and then prototypes, which are repeatedly refined until the final creation of the master cymbal designated as “Klangmuster” is accomplished. Sound Development also originates innovations through its own creative efforts. Through ongoing experimentation and pure research, new alloys, new instrument shapes, and new methods are continually discovered and invented.

Robert Paiste formed Sound Development in the 1960s as he began to formalize the process of cymbal development together with Pierre Favre, the doyen of Swiss drumming who recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

Freddy Studer

In 2016, Fredy Studer’s active membership in Sound Development ended, concluding his 46-year tenure at Paiste. Studer will continue his association with Paiste as an endorser and as an advisor and mentor to the current Sound Development team. His current groups and projects include Koch-Schütz-Studer and Phall Fatale.

Studer, also a Swiss drummer, began working for Paiste in the 1970s as a quality tester, and then ran Drummer Service, Paiste’s artist relations department, for several years, signing many well-known Paiste artist endorsers, before going on to work in Sound Development, succeeding Favre in his role. Studer’s work helped lead to the development of Paiste’s Sound Creation, Signature, Traditional, and Dark Energy series.

Kaspar Rast joined Sound Development in 1999 to ensure the continuous membership of active drummers, a paramount element of Sound Development’s philosophy. Coming from a family of luthiers, Rast is a trained violin maker, and was educated as a drummer at JMS in Zürich and the Drummer’s Collective in New York City. Rast went on to become a sought after and diversified performer both in live and studio settings, including Nik Bärtsch’s bands, Mobile and Ronin. Arno Troxler is the latest drummer to join Sound Development in 2015. Troxler’s credentials include a degree at Lucerne University and the directorship of the Willisau Jazz Festival. When he’s not active in various other projects around Switzerland, Troxler collects, restores and resells vintage drums at the Vintage Drum Station in Willisau.

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