By AJ Donahue

What’s better than seeing how the sausage is made? Seeing how your sweet, sweet new drums are made, of course.

Lucky for us, the folks at America’s oldest drum company, Noble & Cooley, feel the same way. To prove it, they’re introducing the Factory Delivery Program for all new snare drum and drum set purchases. Under the new initiative, N&C patrons will be able to waive the direct shipping option for all new drums purchased, and opt for an in-person pick-up at the firm’s shop in Granville, Massachusetts (at buyer’s expense).


But building a vacation around picking up your new drum or drums isn’t the selling point here. The real benefit is the factory tour offered to each visitor. In addition to the potential shipping savings for those close enough to make it a single-day trip, Factory Delivery buyers will be treated to a behind-the-scenes peek at the historic shop. They’ll meet the individuals hand-crafting their drums, get a first-hand look at the company’s building process, and enjoy a trip through time via the Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation. The NCCHP museum includes an unrivaled collection of antique drums and instruments, some of which date back to the company’s founding in 1854, alongside exhibits detailing the historical significance of both the brand and the buildings in which it originally operated.

And as an added bonus, Factory Delivery buyers will leave the facility with some prime Noble & Cooley swag, possibly including shirts, hats, the company’s Twist Rod dowel bundles, and more.

For a little extra insight, check out this delightful blog post detailing the experience that inspired the program.

Noble & Cooley’s headquarters is roughly a 90-minute drive from Boston. Customers interested in the tour are encouraged to reach out to Noble & Cooley directly, regardless of where the purchased their snare or kit, to coordinate a visit.