In this edition of new product news, Evans is harnessing ultraviolet power for another new drumhead; Promark has launched a new mallet line for college and high school bands; and Gruv Gear is making it easier to carry (and not lose) all your drum gear.

Evans UV2 drumheads

Evans Introduces UV2 Drumheads 

Capitalizing on the success of its UV1 drumhead line, Evans has introduced the new UV2 drumheads, a 2-ply version of the UV-cured coating technology. UV2 is the first product in the Evans lineup to feature new packaging with the Sound Icon System. The packaging establishes a new look and feel for the brand.

The UV2 series is are made using two plies of durable 7mil film. The heads offer a slightly punchier tone than the popular G2 series, but with the same depth and attack expected from a 2-ply drumhead. Street prices start at $22, with 14” heads at $25.

promark SPYR mallet

Promark Launches New Mallet Line

Promark has announced the launch of SPYR, a new mallet line designed in collaboration with world-renowned percussionists, designers, and educators Kevin Shah and Tony Nuñez. The SPYR series was developed with high school and college-level band directors in mind who are seeking to outfit their marching corps or concert percussion section.

SPYR introduces a new color-coded hardness scale to make it easy for percussionists to quickly select the appropriate mallet from their bag. Mallets will also have matching color-coded yarn on the stitch of the wrapped mallet head, and through the color of the mallet head itself for all unwrapped mallets.

Included in the SPYR series will be six wrapped marimba mallets, two unwrapped marimba mallets, four vibraphone mallets, and 12 xylophone/bell mallets. MSRP is $50-$80 per pair.

Gruv Gear QUIVR drum bag

Gruv Gear Announces Backpack-Style Stick Bag and Tracking Technology for Select Cases

It’s more than a stick bag—Gruv Gear’s new QUIVR Tour is designed to carry drumsticks, drum tools, in-ear monitors, small accessories, and a laptop all in one case.

Compatible with the VELOC drum bag system, the QUIVR Tour stores up to 14 drumsticks neatly paired up in protective holders. The large open pocket securely holds eight mallets and brushes, and several cargo pockets are available for stowing drum keys and other small items.

The rugged, hardwearing bag is good for touring. It has thick, padded, adjustable backpack and a carry handle on its top.

Gruv Gear also announced that selected ranges of cases and bags will now be sold with custom-made Global Recovery Tags, powered by HomingPIN, which the company says will significantly reduce the possibility of losing luggage or instrument cases while traveling. The QUIVR Tour includes this feature.

Each Global Recovery Tag built into Gruv Gear bags and cases has a unique, permanent, anonymous identification number. The hardwearing, metal tags are easy to use, there are no moving parts or batteries; simply register the tag on the HomingPIN website secure database and if a bag or case is lost or fails to arrive when traveling, the ID number can be searched and bags reunited quickly with owners. HomingPIN is integrated into over 2,800 airports worldwide.

Initially, Gruv Gear is launching the Global Recovery Tag feature built into the QUIVR Tour, VELOC drum bags, and four other lines. The Global Recovery Tag tracking service is free for the first year and $6 per year thereafter.