Mike Portnoy Kit Tour

Mike Portnoy cymbals and his several drum sets, but one of our favorites has to be this custom Tama Starclassic Bubinga kit with concert toms and tons of Sabian cymbals. Check it out in the video above, with Portnoy taking us through the kit and all its accoutrements.

Mike Portnoy Cymbals Kit

mike portnoy drum set

Mike Portnoy’s drum set. Illustration by Juan Castillo.


Tama Starclassic Bubinga in Platinum Sparkle
22″ X 18″ bass drums (x2)
8″ X 7″ concert tom
10″ X 8″ concert tom
12″ X 9″ concert tom
13″ X 10″ concert tom
16″ x 16″ floor tom w/legs
18″ X 16″ floor tom w/legs
14″ X 5.5″ Mike Portnoy Melody Master Signature Bubinga snare drum (custom platinum sparkle)
12″ X 5″ Mike Portnoy Melody Master Signature Steel snare drum (custom silver paint)
20″ X 14″gong bass drum


Sabian, brilliant finish
18″ AAX Ozone Crash
18″ HHX Chinese
18″ AAXPlosion Crash
14″ Vault V-Hats
7″ MAX Splash
9″ MAX Splash
Medium MAX Stax
7″ Radia Bell
11″ MAX Splash
22″ Custom V Shop Ride
19″ HHXplosion Crash
19″ Paragon Chinese
20″ AAX V-Crash
Low MAX Stax


Custom Tama “Power Tower System” drum rack and components, Tama Speed Cobra bass drum pedals and hi-hat stand, Roadpro snare stands, 1st Chair Round Rider Hydraulic XL


Remo: Clear Powerstroke Pro on bass drums; Clear CS Batters on toms and snare batters; Clear Ambassadors on floor toms and snare bottoms; Gong bass, 22″ Clear CS Batter Head


LP 36-Bar Concert Series Single Row Bar Chimes, LP Mountable Cyclops Tambourine, Promark Mike Portnoy 420X custom sticks with Black Stick Rapp, Audix mikes, Gator cases, Jerry Harvey JH-6 in-ear monitors, 4” Chrome Drum O’s on graphic bass drum heads, SD100 Stick Depot, Atlas Mic Stand w/ GooseNeck