There were a ton of new toys from Meinl Percussion at NAMM 2020, and we picked a few that stood out to us.

First up is the analog and digital stompboxes. These can be played with a downward-facing pedal or by simply tapping your foot on them. Plug them into an amp and control your volume at any gig. The analog version offers one bass drum sound, while the digital version includes a total of six sounds: bass drum, cowbell, crash cymbal, tambourine, gong, and one open for you to load your own sample in via micro USB.

Next up is the Aduch bells. The hand-braided cords have bells on them and a hook on one end to stay secured to your hi-hat or cymbal stand.

Also new are pandeiro hand drums, made with a poplar shell and an aluminum counterhoop. They feature five jingles instead of the traditional six, resulting in a lighter weight instrument. It’s also available in a Napa head version with shakers instead of jingles.

The Day of the Dead finish synthetic djembe was also particularly eye-catching.

Finally, the new Artisan Edition Slaptop Cajon is made in Spain of 6 plies of birch with a palo santo top plate. In this new design, all the sound now comes out of one source on the top for easy miking.