Meet Your MakerJust over a year ago, Carlos Salvador was undergoing the rigorous process of vetting Turkish cymbal foundries. His mission was simple: “I wanted to make sure I found someone who I could build a long relationship with,” says the founder of Legado Cymbals, which launched last year in Gilroy, California — a town known more for garlic than custom cymbals.

Legado Cymbals with Full Kit

The brand was born of Salvador’s desire to find a cymbal company that treated each customer like an artist with unique needs. “I just want to give artists the opportunity to create something, whether that’s through a certain finish, bell-shape, hole pattern, or anything,” he says. “My goal to help drummers find the sound they want.” 

Legado offers B20 bronze cymbals in a wide variety of sizes and styles. “I developed all the designs that we’re marketing right now,” says Salvador. “We launched with all the basic lines that most traditional companies have — brilliant and traditional models, something on the darker side, and a raw-type series — but we’ve since released two more lines, and are working on more right now.”

But the thing that really sets Legado apart is Salvador’s commitment to accessibility. “I’m trying to give drummers the cymbals they want but at a more affordable price,” he says. “I keep costs consistent between lines. If you want a pair of 14″ hi-hats, it’s $237 no matter what style you choose.”

Legado is currently taking direct orders and accepting custom requests.