Meet Your Maker: 3rd & 4th Drums

3rd and 4th Drums

3rd and 4th Drums

Collaboration and cooperation are the keystones of 3rd & 4th Drums’ success. The Nashville-based company, founded in 2013 by Edwin Rivera III and his son, Edwin Rivera IV, specializes in custom crafted tubs made to meet each individual buyer’s needs. “I think all the drums we craft represent who they were made for more than my personal preferences,” says Rivera III. “Something we have instilled in 3rd & 4th is asking questions and listening to find out what the drum is intended for before we even start the building process.”

Drums from 3rd & 4th are available in a variety of materials including maple, mahogany, acrylic, and copper, among others. Some of those options serve as further examples of Rivera III’s commitment to collaboration. “My hands do touch every drum, but I also work with other craftspeople on certain projects,” Rivera III says. “Our hand-rolled copper shells come from my good buddy Josh Blount in Georgia, and then I finish them here in Nashville. Same goes for our hand-engraved shells; we call our very talented friend Sarah Hodges, from Franklin, Tennessee, to do it for us.”

Rivera III is also committed to the idea of making sure his drums are accessible to as many players as possible. Custom snares are available at a baseline cost of $475, and the company recently expanded its lineup to include full drum set shell packs, with three-piece rigs starting at $1,400.

“These are the things that make 3rd & 4th Drums special to me,” says Rivera III. “Not only crafting high-quality drums at honest prices, but also bringing friends along for the ride.”