Marketing For Drummers: Twitter Profile Shot


Here’s the beautiful thing about social media: with a little effort you can make your page as appealing as that of the world’s richest person or biggest company. But a lot of us aren’t doing that.

Twitter: The Profile Shot

Twitter offers two photo spots for you: the profile and the header. The profile shot is crucial. It must be small but also immediately identifiable. Choose a close-cropped shot so people can recognize you. Or if it is for a company or band site, post a treatment of your logo. Travis Barker, Stewart Copeland and many others use a head shot. Make yourself look as memorable as they look.

Tip: For inspiration check out fashion or political stars. They’ve put some thought into their image.


The goal of marketing is for bands and drummers to sharpen their public presence and messaging in order to garner more opportunities for their music and gain more customers for gigs and recordings. Sometimes it can be difficult to brag about ourselves. This is a problem in the music industry, where self-promotion is a significant part of your job. There are, of course, people on the other end of the spectrum, who have no problem with self-promotion, even if it outruns their talent. 

In this new column we will touch on distribution strategies (social media, email, web, print), content (what to say, how to say it, what kind of media to create), and thoughtful tips about positioning yourself to gain more business (who are you, what’s your musical career strategy).