Mapex Challenges Drum Thinking With Design Lab Concept Hybrid

One of the highlights of PASIC was the Russ Miller/Jeff Hamilton demo of Mapex’s new Black Panther Design Lab line. These drum sets feature Mapex’s Concept Hybrid design that includes multiple innovations—some radical and new, some tried and true—that together promise to deliver much more control over sound to the drummer. Innovations include a new magnetic mounting system for toms, right-angle adjustable tom legs, variable ply placements in the shells, different bearing edges for each size drum, special finishing techniques that reduce the impact on sound frequency and sustain, reinforcing rings designed for specific dampening impacts, and a variety of hoop options.

What these features add up to is a drum that doesn’t require tons of EQ or dampening, because harsh tones and ringing are eliminated in the design. The drums enable you to dial in your sound by making gear adjustments right at the kit rather than digitally at the mixing board.

Check out Miller’s demo from PASIC below.