Mapex Introduces The Meridian Black Raven Kit


Is it just me, or does it seem like the pace has picked up considerably at Mapex in the past couple years? First the company introduced a series of limited-edition Black Panther kits that ranged from classy to sassy, and now they’ve announced the launch of a entirely new series called Player Designed kits.

Keep your eyes peeled for the flagship model – the limited edition Meridian Black Raven kit – that will shortly begin gracing showrooms of Mapex dealers worldwide.

Designed to fill the need of today’s rock drummers, the Raven’s rich birch/maple shells exude attitude, wrapped in a semi-gloss black wood grain finish, fitted with satin black hardware, and topped with Remo clear pinstripe drumheads. Mapex promises that drummers can expect dark tones with a balanced attack that is enhanced by an interesting black inner finish, which they say boosts resonance and projection.

The “one up/two down” configuration includes a 14″ x 6″ snare drum, 22″ x 20″ bass drum, 12″ x 8″ mounted tom, and 14″ x 12″ and 16″ x 14″ floor toms. Extra techy readers will want to know that bass drum shells feature a 4.8mm birch exterior and 2.4mm maple interior, while the toms and snare have a 4.1mm birch exterior and 7.1mm maple interior.

So are you ready to rock? Start here.