Richie Gajate-Garcia Receives Honorary Doctorate

Percussionist, educator, author and mentor Richie Gajate-Garcia has received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois in recognition of his contributions in the areas of the Arts and music education. He is the author of four instructional music books, a faculty instructor at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and the inventor of the popular Gajate Bracket and creative collaborator on LP’s Richie Gajate-Garcia Signature Series Congas, Bongos and Djembe.

“Richie’s long-time devotion to sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring percussionists through his teaching, workshops and books is unsurpassed,” says DW Founder and Chief Product Officer for Latin Percussion, Don Lombardi. “His innovation in creating the Gajate Bracket, which has become the industry standard and a prized tool of drummers and percussionists, has left an indelible mark on our industry.”

Gajate-Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree and teaching credentials from the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago which is where he launched his professional career working with Frankie Valli. His hybrid playing style of simultaneously playing drumset and percussion earned Gajate-Garcia the affectionate nickname “El Pulpo” (The Octopus) in tribute to his independence and mastery of technique. Gajate-Garcia has performed with Phil Collins, Frankie Valli, Don Henley, Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, the Boston Pops and Ritchie Sambora to name a few. He has recorded with Stevie Wonder, Sting, John Denver, The London Symphony. He has worked on Oscar award-winning film scores and Grammy award winning and nominated projects.





Pearl To Distribute Keith McMillen Instruments

Pearl and Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) has announced a distribution partnership to grow the availability and awareness of KMI products. The relationship in 2015 with a collaboration on Pearl’s slim, modern USB-powered MalletSTATION, powered by KMI’s Smart Fabric Technology. It was named the Best New Performance Tool for 2018 by School Band & Orchestra and has received a 2018 Editor’s Choice Award from Music Inc.

Pearl MalletSTATION

Pearl Malletstation

Throughout the collabration, Pearl President and CEO Terry West was impressed by KMI’s Smart Fabric technology. “After reviewing KMI’s current product line it became evident to us all that Pearl’s reach and marketing abilities could bring added awareness and availability to the KMI brand. We are honored to represent KMI’s innovative products and extremely excited to see where this collaboration and distribution partnership might lead us in the future,” he said in a statement.

“Pearl understands what it takes to make an electronic controller behave in a most musical manner,” said KMI Founder and C.E.O. Keith McMillen. “It makes perfect sense to have our instruments distributed by people who understand what makes a professional tool and how to support these instruments in the field.”

The KMI product portfolio includes such innovative products as the Bop Pad, K-Mix, QuNeo, and QuNexus. Pearl will begin accepting orders for KMI products effective June 18, 2018.