As a working drummer today, having the ability to run and manage tracks onstage for a band can certainly provide an advantage to getting gigs. It’s one thing to be provided with a multi-effects pad and be told to hit a a certain pad at a certain time to start a track, but it is more impressive if you, as the drummer in the band, can provide the full package of managing tracks on stage as a self-contained entity. Ideally, you can also create the tracks as well.

One of the biggest problems we face when deciding on taking the deep dive into running tracks is what platform do we use. Do we need a laptop? Ableton Live? An interface? It can be a huge mistake to drop a ton of cash of a full-blown rig with no idea how to use it. This can be very daunting and has a huge learning curve for beginners. What if there were a way to keep it simple and still have a highly effective way to use backing tracks? And all the hardware you needed was already right in your pocket?

Enter the ShowOne app. Created back in 2015 by Tony “Was” Fagenson and Jerry Fitzgerald, this app makes it easy to run tracks and steers you clear from crashing laptops, inconsistent track functions, and a host of other problems associated with big, complicated setups. This app runs on your phone and allows for easy upload of tracks, provides independent click and count-off sound sources, allows click tempo and pitch adjustment, set list creation, track trim, click mute and a number of other very usable features.

In this video we scratch the surface of this super cool app by showing how to upload a track and how to manage tracks using this powerful app.

Stewart Jean is Program Chair for Drums at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.