This is part three of our video lesson series on running backing tracks from your throne onstage using the ShowOne app. This lesson covers four-channel mode. As we discussed previously, one simple way to run tracks is with two channels: one being your backing track in mono and the other being a click track. One major issue with running mono tracks, however, is it can jeopardize the integrity of the overall live sound; a sound engineer will spend a good amount of time getting an amazing stereo mix for the live band only for it to get ruined by your mono tracks sitting there like a blob in the middle of the mix.

The ShowOne app we’ve been exploring in this series can provide four channels when coupled with a simple audio interface. This will give you two channels for your stereo backing tracks and two more channels for a click and/or count-off, each generated by the app. This allows the click and count-offs to be sonically consistent throughout the gig and gives you control onstage over the volume levels of each independently.

The gear you will need is as follows:

  • A smartphone or table with the ShowOne app
  • Two stereo 1/8” to 1⁄4” mono Y cables (male).
  • Digital interface with 4-channel capability (I recommend Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2)
  • Stereo headphones (preferably high quality)
  • Mini-USB to Lightning Cable (for Traktor Audio 2)

Stewart Jean is Program Chair for Drums at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

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