This is the conclusion of our two-part series on superimposing odd time signatures over common (4/4) time while trading fours in the rock style. If you missed Part 1, I suggest you work on that first because it will make this lesson much easier. Here we’re playing four bars of a rock groove followed by four bars of a drum fill to give the illusion that you’ve shifted into either 3/4, 5/4, or 7/4 time.

Note that the second four bar phrase (measures five to eight) in each exercise has a circled number in the music notation to show you where each odd time phrase begins. This will help you keep track of each odd time phrase when you are first learning.

Practice Tips 
While you’re new to these exercises I recommend repeating the same drum fill for each of the odd time phrases, as shown here. Once you get comfortable with them, you should work on maintaining the odd time feel while playing different fill patterns for each odd time phrase (designated with a circled number in the music notation). The goal is to incorporate your own fills and become as comfortable whether you’re playing standard 4/4 time patterns or superimposing odd times. This will only happen through regular practice.

Until next time, have fun and stay loose!