Tiger Bill video drum lessonWe covered superimposing odd-times over 4/4 time while trading fours in the jazz vein in two previous lessons. Here we’re applying the same concept to the rock style.

When you first work on these drills, start slowly and gradually increase your speed. Practice them to the point where they become second nature. Note that the circled numbers in measures five through eight in each of the three exercises mark the beginning of each odd-time phrase.

Tiger Bill odd over common rock time

Practice Tips

After you become comfortable playing the exercises as written, experiment by using your favorite rock grooves in the first fours bars of each exercise. Ultimately, you should also substitute other patterns that are normally used in 3/4, 5/4, and 7/4 rock for the ones I’ve used in measures five through eight.

Next time we’ll take these drills to another level. Until then, have fun and stay loose!

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