This month we’re featuring a set of New Orleans second line beats from Stewart Jean, Program Chair for Drums at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. We start with the pattern for “Hey Pocky Way” by The Meters, with drums originally by Zigaboo Modeleste.

This pattern can take on a variety of different lives, depending on how you orchestrate it. Try it first with the snare accent pattern, then add rimshots. When you’ve got it down, match the snare accents with your bass drum (be careful not to flam), then toss in some hi-hat on the upbeats.

Though many prefer the RLRL sticking, you also see players coming up with alternate sticking patterns. Stanton Moore, for example, has his own style with a lot of right hand.


Keep it rolling and see what kind of grooves you come up with! Check back for a new lesson each Saturday this month.

Hey Pocky Way drum pattern


Practice tips:

  • Stick control is essential to create the necessary inflections and variations used in these grooves. Clear defined open rolls and dirty closed rolls.
  • Coordination between the feet and balance on the seat are crucial.
  • These grooves should feel “loose” but still have a deep pocket.