Tiger Bill video drum lessonThe sound of Buddy Rich’s closed rolls can best be described as smooth. In this lesson, we feature the trick he incorporated that assured him a perfect sounding roll every time. Check it out in the video above.

Practice Tips

Here are some of the variations you can apply to Buddy’s Whipped Cream Roll:


  1. Start by practicing each hand separately until you are able to get the same length buzz from each hand
  2. After you have mastered producing continuous closed rolls using large arm circles, practice making progressively smaller circles until you can get a smooth whipped cream roll using one-inch circles
  3. Practice using a continuous roll for the basis of an entire extended drum solo. Also incorporate accented rhythmic patterns as demonstrated in the video.
  4. Apply this technique to all of the metered rolls
  5. Practice at all dynamic levels from extra soft to super loud

Track your progress by playing your rolls in time to a metronome. Keep a record of your progress as you increase the tempo.

Until next time: Have fun and stay loose! Check out more of Tiger Bill’s Buddy Rich lessons here.

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