Buddy Rich was a great drummer not only because of his incredible chops, but because of his creativity as well. This time we’re working on two of his favorite tricks using brushes. The first one is Rich’s take on the single stroke roll, the second is his technique that allows anyone to play jazz style brushes at ultra fast tempos with ease. Although these exercises are demonstrated using traditional grip, as rich would have used, they work just as well using matched grip.


  • Try playing your bass drum on all four quarter notes, then add your hi-hat pedal on 2 and 4
  • Get creative and add some syncopated foot patterns
  • Start slowly and gradually increase your speed, playing each pattern without developing tension
  • Experiment with these exercises on the drumset as well; there are many unique sounds you can get using brushes and they work well in nearly all styles of music
  • Have fun and stay loose!