In this video, master blastbeat drummer Gene Hoglan — who is the subject of Drum magazine’s January 2017 issue cover story — plays what he calls “one of the crazier blastbeats I’ve ever done.” Watch Hoglan’s playthrough of the song “Siberia” by his band, Mechanism, which is excerpted from Hoglan’s instructional DVD, The Atomic Clock.

As cover story author Brad Schleuter notes: “It’s a hammer blast variation played with two kicks… Here, Hoglan demonstrates one of his craziest and most musical blasts, in which his phrasing follows the song’s guitar riffs. Since he plays open-handed and often ambidextrously, he leads with his left foot as his left hand moves between the China cymbal and tom, and his right hand stays planted on his snare. He also plays this quite loudly, making the most of his extended stick heights.

“Check out the video and you’ll see Hoglan remarkably plays this blast while wearing ankle weights!”

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