Last year, our very own Phil Hood (the GOAT) pulled together a list of 26 drumming podcasts for your listening pleasure. From long-running favorites like The Trap Set, Drum Gab, and Drummer’s Resource, to buried gems like Give The Drummer Some and The Nashville Drummers Project, our founding publisher linked out hundreds of hours of informative, drum-related media.

For those interested in hand percussion, however, the options were surprisingly limited at the time. That’s starting to change. As podcasts grow in popularity, more and more niche topics are finding their way out into the medium, including percussion. Let’s call them Perc-casts. [Editor’s note: Maybe let’s not call them that, mmkay?]


One of the most exciting entries into that space is the new We Are Rhythm podcast produced by Latin Percussion. The interview-based show is hosted by working pros Joey De Leon and Jhair Sala, and focuses on Latin music culture through the lens of percussion.

The first episode landed on April 9 of this year, featuring a lengthy discussion with Peter Michael Escovedo about his career, upcoming work, and being a part of one of the most iconic musical families on the planet. In the weeks since launch, long-form chats with Damon Grant (Stefon Harris, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez) and Don Powell (Madonna, Diana Ross) have been added to the feed. Future episodes are on the way with lots of great guests and more from the Escovedo clan.

We Are Rhythm comes out every two weeks and is available free on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and most audio streaming services. Check it out at