Korn is an American heavy metal band with several drummers over the years. The current lineup consists of Ray Luzier on drums, Brian “Head” Welch on guitar, James “Munky” Shaffer and Reginald “Fieldy Snuts” Arvizu on bass, and Jonathan Davis as lead vocals. Korn has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Their sound is unique because each member contributes to writing their music which takes them in a new direction on every album.

In this article we will introduce you to all the drummers who played with Korn as their official drummers and session or live drummers.

Who has played drums for Korn?

So far, Korn had only two drummers David Silveria and Ray Luzier that were official members and a couple of drummers who jump in to do a few gigs like Joey Jordison, Mike Bordin, Brooks Wackerman and Terry Bozzio who worked with Korn as a guest drummer on their song “I will protect you“.

Who was the original drummer for Korn?

David Silveria was the original drummer for Korn, and he recorded the demo tapes before releasing their self-titled album Korn in 1994.

Born and raised in California, he was the original member of Korn along with Davis, Munky, Fieldy and Head.

He played on albums:

  • Korn (1994)
  • Life Is Peachy (1996)
  • Follow the Leader (1998)
  • Issues (1999)
  • Untouchables (2002)
  • Take a Look in the Mirror (2003)
  • See You on the Other Side (2005)

On December 13, 2006, after tour in support of See You on the Other Side, Jonathan Davis said Silveria would “probably not” appear on their next album.

While fans eagerly awaited news about what might happen with new music or even a reunion show, both Davis and Silveria have been silent, but now we know why!

After Korn, he paused until 2012 when he joined the band Infinika and left them for another project shortly after. He was then picked up by B.I.A.S., which stands for Breaking In A Sequence.

Why did David from Korn leave?

Silveria was frustrated that Korn never let him back into the band after a long absence from music.

Silveria sat out the “Sick and Twisted 2000” tour due to injury, with Mike Bordin from Faith No More filling in on drums.

He mentions that before he left, he barely even spoke with Johnatan Davis. According to his Facebook posts, he still thinks, ” Korn isn’t Korn without the original five.”

There might be some money issues. As David said, after their third album, “Follow the Leader,” things changed, and he lost interest.

What snare did David Silveria use?

He used his signature snare drum made by Tama. It was 14×6.5 with 13 maple plies (10mm thickness) with piano black finish and black nickel hardware.

This snare is even today worth more than $500 used.

What did David Silveria do after Korn?

He joined the rock band Infinika which played until 2015. By that time, he had the opportunity to explore drumming further, as he said.

After Infinika dissolved, he first joined Core10 and then B.I.A.S., his current band.

How did Ray Luzier join Korn?

Ray Luzier was recommended to them by former Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto. After a few jams and a “test” show in 2007, Korn decided to add Ray as the full-time drummer.

Check out his audition for Korn.

Is Ray Luzier good?

Ray is an incredible drummer and has brought a new level of excitement to the band. His addition has breathed new life into Korn and helped catapult them to new heights. He’s a keeper!

Ray Luzier was a well-known drummer before he joined Korn. He played for David Lee Roth for years.

He also recorded various albums for artists such as:

  • Billy Sheehan
  • Army of Anyone
  • Michael Lee Firkins
  • Darren Housholder
  • Tony Fredianelli

Luzier became the drummer for Steel Panther shortly after they formed in 1997. He remained with them for six years until his DLR touring schedule interfered.

In 2004, he released an instructional DVD called Private Lessons Series.

In the drumming community, he is known for his hard groovin’ and linear heavy metal chops.

What brand of drums does Ray Luzier play?

He currently plays Pearl Cristal Beat.

This set contains the acrylic molding and seamless shell of Pearl with cutting tonal power combined with stunning visual influence. It is no surprise that this material became so popular among drummers.

Ray Luzier drum setup

Luzier uses a mixed setup with a combination of his Pearl drums and Sabian cymbals.

His main kit is:

  • 24-inch bass drum
  • 10-inch rack tom
  • 12-inch rack tom
  • 13-inch rack tom
  • 16-inch floor
  • Two 6 rocket tom
  • 14×6.5 Free Floating Crystal Beat snare drum

He is well known for his unique cymbal setup and his “in the middle of the set” china placement.

He uses Sabian cymbals, mostly AAX and HHX series. He also uses the AA series for china, hi-hats and rides. You can find his full setup here.

Did Joey Jordison join Korn?

Korn enlisted Jordison to join them on tour when their drummer David Silveria went on hiatus. He also appeared in the music video for one of Korns’s single, “Evolution”.

Other Korn drummers

Few other guys played with Korn either live or in the studio.

  • Mike Bordin
  • Terry Bozzio
  • Brooks Wackerman

Mike Bordin

Mike is known as a long-term drummer for Faith no More; he also toured with Ozzy Osbourne.

When Silveria had to pause to tour in 2000 caused by an injury, he called one of his heroes to jump in.

David went back to record the Untouchables, his last album with Korn.

Terry Bozzio and Brooks Wackerman

After Silveria disbanded, Korn was supposed to record a record called “Untitled album”.

The Guys who were chosen to fill his spot were Terry Bozzio, one of the legendary Frank Zappa drummers and Brooks Wackerman from Bad Religion and Avenged Sevenfold.

The album was intentionally released without a title, as Davis reasoned. Why not just let our fans call it whatever they want to!

After successfully recording six tracks with Bozzio, Zac Baird announced that the famous drummer would not be touring with the band on Family Values Tour.

Jonathan Davis claims “things just got weird”.

Munky mentioned in an interview that Bozzio had been imposed on the band by demanding to be a full member while receiving 25% interest. The other members felt this was too much, so Korn decided not to tour with him anymore after these occurrences.

They didn’t want to proceed with Bozzio, so they called Brooks instead. He recorded a few tracks and toured with Korn until Ray Luzier came to the band.