Adam Parker from Hampton, Arkansas is the latest to grace us with a kit of the week. He’s a big fan of Carter Beauford and even plays in a Dave Matthews Tribute Band. Read on to find out about his Carter Beauford replica kit.

“I am from Hampton, Arkansas. I’m 27 and have been playing drums since I was 11. I’ve played at my church in our praise and worship team since I was 15. I’ve been in many different bands over the years and played in many different cities. My latest project with the Dave Matthews Tribute Band puts this Carter Beauford replica kit to full use. I am also in a full time Christian Rock group called Crutchfield.

“Carter has been my favorite drummer since I first saw Dave Matthews Band in 2001. I loved his style and approach to the kit. I started out with a basic 5 piece set up close to his, and eventually replicated the entire kit. I tune as close as I can to get his amazing Tom and snare sounds. I play open handed on the ride as Carter does as well as cross handed on the hats and snare.

“I am friends with his amazing drum tech, Henry Luniewski. I keep up with the changes he makes to the kit and change mine accordingly. It keeps it fun and fresh. Henry has been generous enough to allow me to sit on Carter’s drum set at Dave Matthews Band concerts.

Kit Of The Week Carter Beauford Replikit 2

Kit Of The Week Carter Beauford Replikit 4

Kit Of The Week Carter Beauford Replikit 4

Kit Details

“As for the kit, it consists of Yamaha Stage Custom Birch toms in Raven Black finish, and a Sonor Force 3007 bass drum in Deep Red Burst. This color combination replicates Carter’s black Yamaha recording custom toms and Yamaha Phoenix red burst bass drum. Snare drum is a 14×6.5” Ludwig Black Beauty. I use the Yamaha HexRack II drum rack system, with Yamaha hardware. Pedals are DW 9002 double pedals and DW 9500 hi hat stand. I have various Latin Percussion instruments throughout the kit to add color to a regular drumset. Cymbals consist of Zildjian K, A Custom, A, and Oriental. Sticks are Vic Firth Carter Beauford signatures, mallets, and rutes. I use Remo drum heads on all of the drums.

“The most talked about piece of the kit is my Tibetan Wedding bell. Carter has the famous Chinese Wedding Bell on his kit and it’s a one of a kind piece. I scoured the Internet to find something close, and that bell is it. It adds a great voice to the kit and completes the Carter look and sound.

“I’d also like to thank my good friend Ayrton Gauerke for the photography.” And, we’d like to thank you Adam, for sharing this beauty with us. You win a DRUM! beanie.

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