By Phil Hood

During 39 years with “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz has lived a life like many of his contemporaries: begin drumming early, move to a music mecca like Los Angeles, join many bands and audition for many gigs until you make it. After recording “Another One Rides The Bus,” with a young Al Yankovic on the Dr. Demento Show in 1980, Jon earned the drum chair he has held ever since. It’s been, and still is, a great ride.

[Ed. Note: In 2019 the band’s “Strings Attached” tour took them to 67 cities, playing with string orchestras (see article here).]

1969. The grip is looking good.

1970. It starts on the field of play.

The Tama phase.

1981. Two young guys working on a dream. Weird Al had released “Another One Rides The Bus,” his Queen parody by this time.

The Corders drum phase, 1984.

The Simmons phase in 1989. Early on John got involved in e-drums and programming for the band.

Steve Jay (bass), Jim “Kimo” West (guitar), Weird Al, Jon, Ruben Valtierra (keys). Weird Al got his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2018.

“Weird Al” and the band appeared on the Simpsons in multiple occasions.

Each tour features a memorable kick drum head.

The artist resplendent in platinum and gold.

The drummer’s view when the stage fog rolls in.

2019, Strings Attached Tour.

Photo by Ronn Dunnett.

Photos By Denise Olderr, Alex Kluft, Bill Montel, Barbara Jay, Jules Follett, Deb Freytag, Tonya Duus, and Ronn Dunnett.