There’s a whole lot of cool gear packed into Craviotto’s NAMM booth this year, but the real star of the 2017 show is the absolute profusion of gorgeous wood. The late Johnny Craviotto accumulated an impressive stash of exotics throughout the years, and the exhibit is packed with all kinds, like bubinga, sycamore (above), curly walnut, padauk (below), and much more.
Craviotto also assembled a tribute to the company’s namesake, who tragically passed away last year, with three drums that span the three decades of his career, including one from Craviotto’s early days as a restoration and small shop craftsman, another from the Solid/Select era, as well as a stunning ’90s era Craviotto/DW model.


Also expect to see a new model introduced every three months in 2017 in the new Craviotto Tribute Series. The company’s first edition is a maple shell with abalone inlay, Johnny C lugs, and vintage accouterments. These are available only through Craviotto’s Master Dealer network, which consists of Drum Shop UK, Forks Drum Closet, Maxwell Drums, Memphis Drum Shop, and Nonaka Distribution (you can also order one right from the NAMM Show floor, if you happen to drop by this weekend).