You’d think the drum part in a song called “Little Drummer Boy” would at least be interesting, but traditionally it’s pretty bland. Not anymore. Punk rock versions of holiday staples are nothing new, but here’s a 2020 version that’s got some bite to it.

The Myrrhderers (pronounced “Murderers”) are a self-proclaimed “North Pole punk supergoup,” comprised of members “Al Frankincense (Dead Kringles), Elliott Gold (Prancid), and Bill Myrrhey (Sleigher).” This group has churned out some fun and seriously fast versions of otherwise droll holiday staples. Their debut album, The Myrrhderers Sleigh Christmas, released Nov. 20, is, in their words, “an historic documentation of North Pole underground Christmas culture.”


The follow-up, The Myrrhderers Sleigh Some More, which includes “The Little Drummer Boy” as featured in Corey Ben-Yehuda’s (Useless I.D.) playthrough video above, comes out December 11.