If you are looking to buy drums, you probably want to know how much do drums cost. There are many factors to consider, but your playing level and budget are the main ones.

Beginner drum sets cost between $300 and $600, but the price of some high-quality pro drum sets can go up to $8000.

The lowest price of electronic drums is about the same as acoustic ones, and the price rises with the quality and features they offer.

Good drums can be expensive, and if you aim for high-quality equipment that will serve you for years, you might have to spend a few thousand dollars.

On the other hand, if you just started drumming and don’t want to spend much, you can find some decent second-hand drums for less than $300.

This short guide will help you understand the factors that influence the price and give you some useful tips for buying drums.

Drums for beginners

It is possible to buy a complete beginner drum kit for $300, but if you can stretch your budget up to $600 or so, you’ll find that the standard of kits available at this price point is much better.

Beginner drum kits usually consist of:

  • Drums (snare, kick and tom-toms)
  • Cymbals (hi-hats, crash and ride)
  • Stands
  • Kick pedal

The drums designed for beginner drummers have less expensive wood and hardware, and they include entry-level drum heads and cymbals.

Beginner drummers usually buy the full drum set, but you might want to change your kit a bit and buy new parts as time goes by.

If you’re serious about learning to play the drums, we recommend you buy the best beginner drum set that your budget allows.

Drums for intermediate drummers

Intermediate drums generally cost between $600 and $2000.

If you have been playing the drums for a year or two, the chances are that you are ready for your first set of intermediate drums.

Intermediate drums are usually made of better wood such as maple and birch and have a significantly richer tone than beginner drums. 

They also come with much more durable hardware and better cymbals.Intermediate drummers often don’tdon’t buy the full drum kit but shell packs.

Shell packs usually contain only drum shells, drum heads, and sometimes tom mounts. Many of them exclude the snare drum, and you will not get stands, pedals, throne, and racks.

But, if you bought the equipment with quality hardware as a beginner, you can use old stands and other parts of the kit.

Drums for professionals

The price of a professional drum set is usually between $3000 and $10000.

Professional kits are built with better wood and hardware than beginner and intermediate drums. The build quality of professional kits is superior to that of beginner and intermediate kits.

The sound and appearance of the drums are enhanced by how they are constructed and held together. Pro drummers usually aim for a better quality of drums and know what to expect from equipment.

They almost always buy shell packs and add specific drums, cymbals and hardware if necessary. As a professional drummer, you will probably build your drum kit according to your own needs instead of going for a generic one. 

You can always add new hardware as you go and experiment with what works best for you.

Electronic drums

You can find electronic drum sets starting at $300 and going up to $8000 or more. 

The price depends on the model, features, and how close is sound to an acoustic kit. Naturally, the more expensive ones will be more complex and have more features than cheaper ones.

The basic components of the electronic drum kit are similar to acoustic ones, but instead of acoustic instruments, it consists of electronic pads. The pads can be hit with sticks or hands and trigger a sound module. The sound module has a range of sounds, either pre-set or programmable.

As a beginner drummer, you can aim for a simple module, and you will find that many electronic drums are designed especially for learning how to play the drums.

If you are a professional drummer, you might search for extra functions that are available on some more expensive electronic drum sets that cost between $1000 and $3000.

However, you don’tdon’t need to buy the whole new set if you want some upgrades, but you can add additional parts and gadgets. With some of the most expensive drums, you can adjust individual drum sound with studio-level precision or even get a set that looks like the traditional acoustic one.

Buying second-hand drums

How much second-hand drums cost depends on how old they are and what condition they are in. Generally, they cost less than half what they would have cost when new.

If you’re looking for your first kit, it’s probably worth buying second hand. You can find second-hand drums kits on various sale platforms and social networks online, or you can check in the drum stores.

When buying second hand, you will want to see them in person, so you can check out the physical condition of the drums and try them out. Drummers do not always take care of their drums, so it is very important to examine them before purchasing them.


Drum sets offer a lot of variety in size, sound, and price. 

Beginners will usually go for full drum kits designed for entry-level, which cost from $300 to $600 but have lower quality.

If you are searching for intermediate or pro-level drums will have to spend from $600 to $8000 or more. The price of electronic drums goes from $300 to $8000, depending on the quality and features they offer.

You can always buy second-hand drums, which are usually at half the price of new, but take care to check their condition thoroughly before purchasing. There’s no one-size-fits-all drum set.

What’s right for you will depend on your budget and what you hope to get from your experience playing the drums.