Kingdom Collapse’s “Dear Dad”

Texas natives Kingdom Collapse are breaking onto the music scene with a modern melodic metal meets catchy-rock sound, having already shared the stage with bands including As I Lay Dying, We Came As Romans, Modern Day Escape, Taproot, and Adrenaline Mob.

The band’s recent single “Dear Dad” is turning heads, and in addition to Kingdom’s music video, drummer Hayden Allen has made a drum along video to the song.

“For this song I wanted to do something a little more metal,” Allen says. “The quick double bass in the second verse and also the heavy patterns throughout the verses. Also the blast beats in the bridge part is something I don’t really do too much. I try to make each song as tasteful as possible on drums, without overpowering the other aspects of the song (vocals, guitar, etc.). The chorus is where the drums are really unique. I have each phrase a different feel from what I felt from the guitar parts. There are some songs where I need to keep the drums pretty straight forward for our sound, but with a song like this that’s a little heavier, I’m able to venture off some and add some of my heavier influences to the sound.”