Today is John Bonham’s birthday. The iconic rock drummer from Led Zeppelin would have turned 70 today. To celebrate, we’ve gathered five videos some of his most memorable solos and songs to further immortalize Bonzo’s incredible, at times unhuman, drumming prowess.

Above is perhaps the best-known, one of John Bonham’s drum solos “Moby Dick,” performed live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970. Bonham was known to solo on this song for up to 30 minutes live! (The above is a scant 15 minutes.)

According to songfacts.com, Bonham sometimes drew blood performing “Moby Dick” from using his bare hands to beat his snare and tom toms.

“Rock And Roll”

From the live concert film The Song Remains The Same, Bonham really lets loose in this solo around the 3-minute mark.

“Achilles Last Stand”

Of Bonzo’s epic, lightning-fast fills on this song, rock legend Dave Grohl said the fills “shouldn’t be humanly possible.”

And yet!

Another epic from The Song Remains The Same

This solo makes us misty-eyed to think of all Bonzo could have done had he not died at 32.

“Dazed And Confused”

Short but sweet solo from a live 1973 performance, that will definitely leave you dazed and confused. And in awe.

“Happy Birthday”

Aaaaand, just for fun, here’s Robert Plant singing happy birthday to Bonzo in 1973.


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