Touring Drummer Kent Aberle Chooses Gig Gear Gloves For His Tour With Country Singer Kristian Bush

Gig Gear LLC in Brooklyn, New York, maker of Gig Gear Gloves, has added online drum instructor and touring drummer Kent Aberle to its artist roster. Aberle, who currently plays with country singer and former Sugarland member Kristian Bush, says he chose Gig Gloves because they are designed with the tech in mind.

“I never have to take them off — even to use my phone,” Aberle says. “I tech for myself, and I never set up or tear down without my Gig Gloves.”

Gig Gloves are reinforced to protect the hands of gigging and touring crews, roadies, musicians, DJs, and AV techs, and include a strong nylon threading throughout to help them last even longer. Aberle puts protecting his hands at the top of the list after suffering hand injuries in the past during set up and tear down.


“I’ve had pinched fingers, scratched hands or sore hands from gripping cases,” Aberle says. “My Gig Gloves insure my hands are protected allowing me to play relaxed every gig.”

Founded in 2014, Gig Gear LLC was launched by Daniel Shatzkes with the intent to provide music and audio professionals with novel and innovative products to make their jobs safer, easier, more efficient and more fun.

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