Sometimes to pleasantly surprise a drummer for his birthday or some special occasion may take you some time to think about what to buy for him. 

There are so much equipment and stuff to buy, but none of those seems like they are worth more when compared to the rest of the market’s offer. 

In addition, you may be on a budget and searching for a perfect present for a specific price, and that’s okay. You can buy many things on a budget for a drummer and still don’t underperform or think your present is not worth it. 

Today, we will go through the best gifts for drummers and explain why are those choices for the present the best. Also, we will include both expensive and budget gifts.

1. Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit

This kit is one of the simplest gifts for a drummer. It is handy, especially if the drummer you are gifting is playing live shows. It is packed with everything that one drummer needs for gigging. A package includes spare snare wire strings, drumhead repair patches, cymbal felts, washers, and sleeves. 

Sleeves and felts are essential to stop the damage from contact between cymbal and cymbal stands. It is handy to always bring this kit with you since sometimes the house kit at your show might miss some of the essential parts. 

Also, this survival kit will help you if your drumheads and snare wire strings break. Now, besides the Zildjian drummer’s survival kit, there are others, but this one, in particular, contains a drumhead repair patch that others don’t. 

2. Pearl PTT13 Drum Key Multi-Tool

The drum key multi-tool is easily one of the most valuable drum gifts you can get for a drummer. It has everything a drummer needs when talking about drum tools, and I slight, easily carried around, can fit in any pocket and has a cool look. 

One of the reasons why this tool is essential is because it makes tuning and setting up so much easier. It even looks similar to the Swiss army knife, and the design overlaps. Additionally, the tools contain hex keys, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener for a bottle of champagne after the show. 

Lastly, with all these specs and advantages, a multi-tool drum kit is a perfect gift for a drummer. The tool is built to last, and the quality regarding usability and durability is out of this world. Some even call this tool an ultimate drummer’s tool.    

3. Drum Books

Books are a traditional gift, but it is not so common for a person to think that a book could be an excellent present for a drummer. Sometimes buying a drum book can help you level up your game and explore things you weren’t aware of before. 

Also, books are always a great place for innovation and inspiration, meaning you will boost your creativity and productiveness whole reading. Some of the drum books I recommend you buy are Stick Control and Read Drum Music. 

The first one is an absolute classic and is a general recommendation for all drummers. Stick control is widely accepted as a valuable source of information for increasing your stick control, and many teachers purposefully recommend it. It is also great for improving timing, coordination, and control. 

There are other books like Master Studies and 1001 Drum Grooves, which are excellent sources of information. If you are looking for a drum book filled with various exercises, you might choose the last two.

4. Drumsticks

Drumsticks may seem like an obvious gift, but buying the right ones may change a drummer’s professional life. Also, no drummer has enough drumsticks, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. What is important is that different drumstick options are available, but those mainly differ because of the music style. 

Each style needs a different stick, which is the only thing you need to take care of when buying one. For example, for quieter playing like jazz or acoustic rock, 5A is the best option. Sometimes even 7A can outperform the previously mentioned model. 

The most crucial thing to know is the drummer’s style before deciding to gift any of the sticks mentioned above. For louder styles, a 5B stick is usually the best option. However, 2B size is probably the best for a very hard hitter. 

5. Hearing Protection for Drummers

Hearing Protection for Drummers is one of the most overlooked components of a drummer’s life. Drums are loud, and there is no way around it. You need to protect your hearing if you aim to have a long-lasting drumming career. 

There are some great options when it comes to protecting your hearing. Good earplugs are a must-have if you are serious about your ears and professional career. Most often, there are two types of hearing protection to buy. 

Regular foam earplugs are not the best option since they distort the sound too much and are not long-lasting. Hi-fidelity earplugs are the best option because they are durable and don’t distort the sound too much. In addition, they give a more natural sound.

6. Big Fat Snare Drum

The Big Fat Snare Drum is an excellent device for getting a fat, beefy, and deep-sounding snare drum, and there is no need to retune the drum. The big fat snare drum sits on the top of the snare drum, and its job is to remove high-pitched ringing. In addition, they also add a great tone. 

Regarding the Big Fat Snare Drum, a couple of options are available. The Original Big fat Snare Drum has the most dramatic change in sound. Also, Steve’s Donut is a more versatile choice and maybe the best gift option. It is an excellent gift since it gives a less noticeable change in sound and is more usable across various styles. 

Lastly, there is a Snare-Bourne, a Big Fat Snare Drum with a tambourine jingle. This gives a nice jingle to each snare hit. If you are not on a budget and have extra money to spend on your drummer, you may consider buying a combo pack containing all three previously mentioned products.    

7. Drumheads

There isn’t a single drummer who will say that he has enough of drumheads. The same is for drumsticks. Every drummer needs to have a plethora of drumheads because they wear out over time. It is essential to have more than a few of them. Because of this necessity, you can never go wrong with drumheads. 

There are various drumheads with different sounds, features, and build quality. Here is a valuable piece of advice, If you don’t know the size of the drums on the drummer’s kit, a snare drum head is a safe choice since most of them are 14 inches. Another reason why you can’t go wrong with snare drum heads is that even a drummer who has everything will still have use of it. 

Before buying them, you only need to know the drummer’s style. For quiet styles, Remo Diploma is the best choice. For moderate playing, Evans G1 and Remo Ambassador are excellent choices. And for hard and loud music, Aquarian Triple Threat and Evans Heavyweight are the best choices. 

8. Cymbal Bag

A cymbal bag is an essential accessory if you want to move your drum kit freely and safely. It needs to be made from a high-quality material since its primary job is to protect the cymbals from damage. 

A good-quality bag is an excellent option for traveling to rehearsals, recording studios, or shows. The most important advice is to always buy a bag with a carry handle and back straps. Those two will ensure it doesn’t get worn out like a regular backpack. 

An excellent cymbal bag is Meinl MCB-22 Cymbal Bag. It has everything mentioned above and will serve your needs the best. It would be helpful also to get a bag with built-in dividers so the cymbals don’t get the chance to rub against each other.

9. Snareweight

Usually, the smallest devices make all the difference, and snareweight is undoubtedly one of them. It is one of the best options for reducing ringing and creating a warmer and fatter snare drum sound. It is positioned on the top of the drum. The installing and removing process is as easy as it comes. 

Snarweight is designed to help you with ringing but is also designed to look good. Every company out there focuses on more than the elimination of ringing. One of the best snare weights is M80 Snareweight. It is one of the best because it has four different settings with a vast range of snare sound options. 

Some would agree that snareweight is a secret weapon for drummers and is excellent for quickly achieving quality sound. In addition, it is well designed. The most minimal setting gives a little control, and the most extreme cuts the ringing completely. You can’t go wrong with buying a snareweight as a gift since it plays a significant role in the drummer’s life and looks fantastic.