Get Tonal Control With Drumtacs

Drumtacs are a Tonal Control Tab consisting of a U.S. patented non gel, no oil, no glue polymer that bonds at the molecular level (The polymer has no gel, no oil, or glue so it does not leave any residue as most gel polymers leave) Drumtacs absorb vibration without creating a “Dead Spot” giving the user unlimited tonal possibilities and allowing the true “Tone” of the percussive instrument to come through. Drumtacs have a soft neoprene cap that helps in absorbing vibration and controlling frequencies and will not pick up any stick dust or other variables for a cleaner overall footprint. Drumtacs are frequently used on the resonant head and underneath cymbals to control note length and frequency without losing feel of strike and can be hidden for a cleaner more professional look. Drumtacs can also be used on cowbells, woodblocks, cajons, and any percussive product that can be struck. When used and cleaned as directed (instructions can be found on the back of the packaging) the average life span per Drumtac is approximately 12–16 months.

Drumtacs are endorsed internationally by some of the biggest names in the drumming community including Thomas Lang, Ray Luzier, Rich Redmond, Garrett Goodwin, Daniel Glass, Dean Butterworth, and Matt Starr to name a few.

Drumtacs are exclusively distributed by Big Bang Distribution (for info contact:

Retail Price $19.99